Safe2Say Something

Penn Manor School District is participating in a statewide effort to prevent school violence called Safe2Say Something.

The program enables students and staff to anonymously report information about individuals they suspect may be about to hurt themselves or others via a phone app, website or 24-hour crisis center.

To submit a tip or link to the Safe2Say app, click here.

To submit a tip by phone, call 1-844-5-SAYNOW (1-844-572-9669)

Trained Safe2 Say staffers will review the tips and immediately contact school officials and, if necessary, law enforcement, to respond to the information they receive.

Penn Manor has established a team of school staff members to respond to tips. In addition, students and staff will receive training on reporting tips and identifying behaviors that could indicate a student is intent on causing harm.

We encourage students and staff members to use this new tool in reducing school violence.