Parking Registration Form

Students will need to complete the Parking Registration Form to reserve a parking space.  Student parking will be held at the high school year on the Parking Deck, on the new Athletic Parking lot by the new Auxiliary Gym and on Model Avenue by the high school track. 

Parking spots will be assigned first to seniors in the order that they complete the Google Form. We will first fill the student designated spaces on the Parking Deck followed by the Athletic Lot and spaces along Model Avenue by the high school track.   

Each question on the form must be completed with accurate information.   We will not have student parking and shuttles to/from Comet Field this year.

There will be approximately 340 student parking spaces at the high school campus.

Students should review the information below for specific requirements and the process to pay for and receive their parking pass.

Again this year, registration for student parking tags will be completed online. Students must complete the Student Parking Tag Registration 2022-2023 Google Form AND read through all of the attached parking documents. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements will not receive a parking tag.  

Students must be logged in on their Penn Manor email account to complete the form.
Only students who have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle to drive to school should complete the form.
Once registrations are received, high school administration will review each student’s submission to determine if they are in good standing with the school. 

To obtain a parking tag, students must meet the eligibility requirements: 

1. Drug Consent Form on file 

2. Obligations paid 

3. Good academic standing 

4. Regular attendance during the previous year

5. Detention hours served 

6. Graduation Project/Xello up to date (Seniors must have all lessons

7. Immunization records up to date

The high school administration would like to highlight some parking tag procedures.

Students will be assigned to one of three parking locations – Parking Deck, Athletic Lot or Model Avenue by the high school track.  Students will receive an email prior to the start of school with instructions of which lot to park in.

Once students receive their parking spot email, they must come to the high school main office before the first day of school to pay the parking fee AND pick up their tags. Parking fee for the 2022-2023 school year is $20 each semester.

Parking spots will be assigned first to seniors in the order that they complete the Google Form.  Remaining spaces will be madeavailable to underclassmen. 

No students will be permitted to park under the parking deck.

Students must have a valid Penn Manor parking tag to be permitted to park on campus.  Students parking on campus without a valid tag or in a lot not designated for student parking will receive a parking ticket from the Millersville Boro Police Department. 

Students must first read the Student Parking Guidelines prior to obtaining their permit. 

The Student Parking Tag Registration Form:

If there are any questions or concerns about student parking, please contact the high school main office at 717-872-9520