Dear Parents/ Guardians

Recognizing our seniors and providing the rite of passage of a formal commencement ceremony is a tradition we will continue. Preparations are underway for Penn Manor High School’s virtual commencement. We have retained a professional videographer to record students walking across the stage, as well as the traditional speeches from student speakers, administrators, and the school board president. The footage will be compiled into a video that will be available for viewing on the commencement date, Thursday, May 28.

To ensure that we provide a safe environment, we need all students and family members to follow the guidelines we provided for cap and gown pick-up as well as the instructions received for the video recording sessions. This information will be posted on the high school website. Our nation is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we need to follow specific health guidelines to preserve everyone’s health. The district physician, Dr. Weaver, has made the following recommendations: Students should wear masks to the filming sessions and keep a distance of six feet from other participants. Masks may be removed onstage at the discretion of the senior. If someone in your household is sick, please do not have the student pick up his/her cap and gown or participate in the video recording session.  

Due to Governor Wolf’s prohibition regarding the use of school buildings during the closure, all video recordings will take place at Comet Field.  We will be recording the students in alphabetical order over the course of May 13-15. Students may have up to four immediate family members with them at the time of recording.  Additional information about the 2020 PMHS Commencement Ceremony will be provided to students when they receive their caps and gowns and posted on the high school website. If your child is unable to attend the assigned day to pick up his/her cap and gown, please send an email to or call 717-872-9520, ext. 1808. Students will need to wear the proper graduation attire to be able to participate in the commencement video.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!  A special message from the Penn Manor School Board of Directors can be found at this link.


Baron H. Jones

The documents below contain specific details about the filming of the commencement ceremony. The first document contains the specific protocols that will be followed. The second document is a map of Comet Field with specific locations to reference. The third document is a list of the date and time of filming for each member of the senior class. Hard copies of these documents will also be placed in the bag containing the student’s cap and gown.

If you have any questions concerning the information given, please call 717-872-9529 ext. 1808 or email Mr. Jones at