Guidelines for Grading During the COVID-19 Mandatory School Closure for the 2019-20 Spring Semester

The Penn Manor School District has developed a Continuity of Education plan to help students continue learning from home during the COVID-19 mandatory school closure. Learning activities have been developed to meet a variety of students’ needs, provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and understanding of content, and have students complete the curricula of the classes the students are enrolled in during the Spring Semester.   

The district expects students to be fully engaged in their learning and complete the activities for their classes as designated by their teachers. Teachers will provide students with ongoing feedback and recognize the quality of work that is being submitted.  The feedback will come in various formats and be recorded for the development of a fourth marking period and a final course grade.

Due to the impact a student’s high school transcript has on their plans for life after high school, Penn Manor High School is adopting the following guidelines for grades for the fourth marking period (MP4) and final grades for the Spring Semester to record on a student’s transcript. Please access the complete guidelines with this link.


Baron H. Jones

PMHS Principal

Link for directions on how to view student assignments on the parent portal