Parking Pass Information

We hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer.

This year, registration for student parking tags will be completed online. Students must complete the Student Parking Tag Registration 2020-2021 Google Form and read through all of the attached parking documents. Students must be logged in on their Penn Manor email account to complete the form. Only students who have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle to drive to school should complete the form. Once registrations are received, high school administration will review each student’s submission to determine if they are in good standing with the school. Students who are in good standing will receive a parking tag on the 1st day of school. Students who are not in good standing will receive an email from an administrator with an explanation. Parking registration will close at the end of the day on Wednesday, August 12.

Because of unique circumstances surrounding the coming school year, high school administration would like to highlight some parking tag procedures.

  • Students will be assigned to one of two student parking locations – parking deck on campus or Comet Field. Students will receive an email prior to the start of school with either a parking deck spot number OR notification of Comet Field parking. Parking tags to hang in each vehicle will be distributed in student’s Block 1 classes.
  • Student parking spots will be chosen at random. Parking deck spots will be assigned to seniors first. No students will be permitted to park under the parking deck. Those spaces are reserved for Penn Manor staff and Millersville University students. 
  • Shuttle service to Comet Field will be provided each day to the high school. After September 1st, student drivers and their passengers will need a shuttle pass to ride the bus to and from Comet Field. Shuttle passes will be distributed in student’s Block 1 classes. More information on shuttle service will be sent at a later date.
  • Parking fee for the 2020-21 school year is $20 for the first semester. Procedures for collecting parking fees will be sent at a later date.

If there are any questions or concerns about student parking, please contact Dr. D’Amico by

email or by phone 717-872-9520.