Business Education

Whether your son or daughter plans to go to work directly after high school graduation or continue his or her education the business technologies department offers unequalled opportunities. A concentration in business education will enhance your teenager’s future career options – with or without a college degree.

Consider these facts when thinking about your child’s future. Where else can he/she . .

*Develop “life skills” needed by all consumers – domestically & internationally

*Expand his/her opportunities for various educational options in “real world” situations

*Gain college prep. & career preparation all at one time

*Gather a bank roll of skills to fall back upon if things don’t work out the way you planned

*Build self confidence and good work habits, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership skills

*Prepare to understand introductory college courses such as accounting, marketing, international business, law, technology and communication courses

*Program applications in today’s software—Microsoft Office Suite

Penn Manor’s “Business Technologies Department” offers all of the above and more.