School-Wide Assembly – March 12

The Byrnes Health Education Center will be presenting a school-wide assembly on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019. The Byrnes Health Education Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring people of all ages to make healthy choices.  The focus of the presentation will be Sexual Harassment and Healthy versus Unhealthy Relationships.

This one hour presentation will start with students learning about Sexual Harassment.  What is Sexual Harassment? What are the types of behaviors that may be considered “unwanted attention” of a sexual nature?  Students will learn how to identify sexual harassment, what to do about it, and if unchecked, how it can affect the school environment.

 The second half of the presentation will focus on healthy versus unhealthy dating relationships.  What does a HEALTHY dating relationship look like? Would you know if you were in a UNHEALTHY dating relationship?  Students will learn about setting relationship “boundaries” and maintaining a balance between a dating relationship and other life activities. 

 The presentation will use Audience Response technology to allow students to interact with the presenters.  The objective of the presentation is to equip and empower students to identify destructive behaviors within social relationships and have the courage to reject or speak out against those who engage in these behaviors.

We look forward to this presentation and the positive impact it will have on our students.