Real Life Financial Literacy Program for Juniors

Attention Juniors –

Next week, Thursday September 20 and Friday, September 21, we will be hosting a two-day financial literacy program for all juniors called Real Life – sponsored by Junior Achievement. Similar to the STEM summit from freshmen year, juniors will be moving through various activities and games centered on topics such as budget planning, spending vs saving, and establishing credit. On those days, juniors will report first to Block 1 for attendance and then be called to the Auditorium. From there, juniors will move to the West Gym where the events will be taking place. Real Life will be finished by Block 4 – participating juniors will then report to Block 4 for the rest of the day.


Like the STEM Summit, we will be splitting the junior class in half for this experience. Half day CTC students will be part of Real Life and be excused from CTC for the day. Juniors with the last names Abbas – Lefever will participate on Tuesday, September 20. Juniors with the last name Legenstein – Zuback will participate on Friday, September 21. Teachers will be receiving more information by email, including schedules, names of participants, and group assignments.

If you have any questions, please see an administrator during lunches.