1:1 Laptop Program Information

Final preparations are being made for all students at Penn Manor High School to receive a personal laptop for learning. We are looking to provide students with a laptop the last week of January.  In order for this to happen, students need to turn a signed agreement 1:1 Student Agreement for Laptop Use to the high school office as soon as possible.

Students will be provided with the Acer TravelMate TMB 113 series laptop running Ubuntu, a flavor of the Linux operating system. The Acer/Ubuntu combination is a perfect blend of computing capability, battery life and software flexibility.  Students will also receive a mouse, a carry bag, charger, and a flash drive.

In preparation for the roll out, class meetings were held in December.  The administrative team stressed the policies that cover the program, proper care of the laptops and internet safety.  The powerpoint that was used during the meetings is available at http://www.pennmanor.net/techblog/1to1classmeeting.

Read more about the pilot program kickoff on PennPoints, our school newspaper.

To assist students with the use of the laptop, a student help desk team has been developed. Providing peer support to fellow students, the student team solves technical issues, prepares and configures laptops, trains peers and prepares documentation and help guides. You’ll find a great example of their work on the 1:1 help blog: http://blogs.pennmanor.net/1to1/. PennPoints, recently posted an excellent article on the student help desk.

It is critical to keep in mind that our program is not about the device; it is for and about our students. Excitement is building as we move toward our goal of empowering all Penn Manor High School students with a laptop to explore personal passions such as creative design, engineering, programming, writing and music.