Keystone Exams: January 8th – 15th

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Holiday season and vacation from school.

Beginning January 8, 2014, we will be administering the Keystone Exams in Algebra, Biology, and Literature to freshmen and sophomores who are enrolled in Algebra, Biology and Literature classes and any junior who has not scored proficient on the Algebra and Literature tests.

The Literature exam will be administered on Wednesday, January 8 and Thursday, January 9.  Students will take the Biology exam on Friday, January 10 and Monday, January 13.  We will finish this testing window by administering the Algebra exam on Tuesday, January 14 and Wednesday, January 15.

Due to the smaller number of students who are taking the exams, we will continue to operate on a regular schedule with classes meeting while students are testing. Testing will occur in the Math/Science Wing and Library each day.

All half-day CTC students, who are eligible to test, will take the Keystone Exams in the morning of each day.  Morning CTC students will not attend the CTC.  Afternoon students will leave for the CTC at their regularly designated time each day.

Students are encouraged to bring a calculator for the Biology and Algebra exams. If a student does not have a calculator one will be provided for him or her.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is very clear in their directions regarding cell phones. Any student who is taking a Keystone Exam is expected to not be in possession of a cell phone.  We want to have a test environment that is free of any unnecessary noise or distractions. If a student brings a cell phone to the test site, it must be turned off and given to the test proctor. Please remember the reason for the rule about cell phones at the test site is to ensure the best possible environment for all students.

Students are encouraged to bring a fiction or non-fiction book with them each day of the testing. Students will be permitted to read once he or she has finished the exam.

This administration of the Literature and Biology Exams is the first opportunity that the members of the Class of 2017 have to demonstrate proficiency on these tests.  Many of the freshmen took the Algebra exam at the end of their eighth grade year, while others will be taking the Algebra test in May.  Members of the Class of 2017 are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to demonstrate proficiency on the Algebra, Biology and Literature Keystone Exams in order to graduate.

If you have any questions regarding Keystone Exams, please contact Mrs. O’Connor at 872-9520 ext 1802.