Keystone Exam Information for Jan 9th – 15th

This week we will be administering the Winter Wave of Keystone Exams in Algebra, Biology, and Literature to all juniors and those freshmen and sophomores who are enrolled in Algebra, Biology and Literature classes.

We will begin testing on Wednesday.  Wednesday and Thursday will be the Algebra exam, Friday will be the Biology exam, and the Literature test will be administered on Monday and Tuesday.

All half day CTC students will be taking the Keystone Exams in the morning of each day with the rest of the junior class.  Morning CTC students will not attend CTC and afternoon students will leave for the CTC at a designated time each day.

Juniors will test in the Math/Science wing.  Freshmen and sophomores will test in the Social Studies/English wing.

If you have a calculator for the exam, please bring it with you to the exam site. If you do not have a calculator, please give your name to your HR teacher. If you give your name, we will provide you with a calculator for the exam.

Students who are not taking the Keystone Exams will report to their HR locations in the 100, 200, and 300 level classrooms not being utilized for testing.

Seniors who have transportation and have completed their graduation project are allowed to report to the cafeteria at 9:30 AM on each day except Friday, January 11. On Friday, seniors must report at 9:45 AM in the Auditorium for a class meeting. Those seniors who do not have transportation, owe detention hours, or have not finished their graduation project will report directly to the library at 7:40 AM.

Any student who is taking a Keystone Exam – the PA Department of Education is very clear in their directions regarding cell phones. We want to have a test environment that is free of any unnecessary noise or distractions. If you bring a cell phone to the test site, it must be turned off and it must be in a location away from you and your seat. You may either keep your phone in a bag in a designated area of the room OR you may give it to the test proctor. Either way – the phone must be turned off. If your phone causes a disruption to the test environment, there will be several consequences. Please remember – the reason for the rule about cell phones at the test site is to ensure the best possible environment for you and your peers.

If you have any questions regarding Keystone Exams, please contact Mrs. O’Connor at 872-9520 ext 1803.