First Day of School–August 29, 2011

The first day of the 2011-2012 school year is August 29, 2011.  Upon arriving to school on Monday, all students will report to homeroom.  In homeroom, students will receive a copy of their schedule with any updates or changes, a handbook, and other information.  Parents should expect to see a free/reduced lunch form, bus regulations and a picture order form (grades 9-11).

In homerooms, students will attend a class meeting, before following a modified schedule for the remainder of the day.

After schedules went out in the beginning of August, some schedule concerns were shared with the guidance department. Our counselors work a limited schedule during the summer, but they have been working hard to resolve schedule change requests that have been received on the days they were in.

If students or parents were unable to connect with a counselor about a schedule concern for an educational reason or a mistake, we ask that the student stop by the guidance office on the first day of school.  A student with a concern should come to the guidance office during the class that needs to be discussed.

Remember, at this point the only changes that will be made to schedules are for educational reasons or if a mistake has been made on our part. Educational reasons include changing a level of class to a more challenging class or a change in your course selection based on a career decision.