Student Schedules

Student schedules were mailed out the last week of July. The schedule contains information regarding the student’s eight classes (class name, the block each class meets, teacher, and room number) homeroom, counselor, and fall semester lunch. Students will be provided with a copy of the schedule on the first day of school in homeroom.

Our counselors work a limited schedule during the summer, but they have been working hard to resolve schedule change requests that have been received on the days they are in. If you contacted a counselor requesting a schedule change but have not heard back, you will be contacted before the beginning of school. Please be patient.

At this point the only changes that will be made to schedules are for educational reasons or if a mistake has been made on our part. Educational reasons include changing a level of class to a more challenging class or a change in your course selection based on a career decision.

If you did not receive a schedule, please contact the counseling office at (717) 872-9520, ext. 1820.